Simultaneously celebrating the upcoming release of Euphony In Electronics / 1.2 (Remixes) & Kin-Aesthetic Recordings fourth birthday, we invite, entice and tempt with an afternoon and eve of live performances and music selection...


We're properly delighted and excited to have live performances on the day from...

| > Kubla Khan; Jazzfolk Reflective Harmonics / Raw Acoustic

Amongst the wondrous throng of talent and passionate music obsessives performing at the launch / celebration on Sunday... Kubla Khan is playing live and selecting records.

At 2pm he'll be setting the tone for the day with his vigorous knowledge of reggae and dub, a vinyl 7"s only set, that's gonna be great, I'm excited. That'll ease us in and amongst the mid-afternoon warm rhythms and ambience will be an interlude of sorts...

A raw folk-jazz harmonics performance on a beautifully aged acoustic guitar. His playing is intricate, delicate, hypnotising; but Ben aka Kubla Khan has been keeping a little quiet and coy. But I'm afraid I can't and wont. Cos I'm really looking forward to it!

Come hear him lay it bare; no effects, no processing, no hardware, just ambient mic'd guitar. Euphony Without Electronics.

| > Electric Ape; Hench Synth Patchworking / Tight Analogue Tones

Simon Electric Ape shifting half his house down to Cowley Club for not one but two sets of living, breathing, atmosphere-filling electronics.

He’ll be touting a strictly computer-free live setup, and it’s a good job cos I doubt there’d be room aside that enormous, no-messing double-faced modular, analogue drum machine and select hardware accompaniment.

Freshly patched over the last few weeks, both sets are gonna be fresh to everyone’s ears with ambient textures and pulsating tones carrying the late melodious afternoon into eve before he returns later to heat things up with a heftier, beat-driven display.

Plus selecting a few records too...

| > Atomico; Techtronic Experiments / Hard-Software Crossover

A mysterious live set from Atomico has been brewing, very little is known… except the setup is fine tuned combination of analogue and digital, and is self contained within a suitcase…

This is his debut live set for us but to say he knows his way round a studio is something of an understatement, so it promises to be a fascinating set!

| > Alphabets Heaven; Digi Future Rhythms / MPC Triggernometry

Jonny Alphabets Heaven brings one of his addictively energetic and passionate live performance, future beats lined with international flashes, mesmerising with quick-fire finger work and spontaneous triggering of his jewel-sharp electronic productions.

Really looking forward to seeing his rhythms bounce off the intimate Cowley Club again, taking the mid-evening into heated beat territory, the extra Yamaha soundsystem will shine!

Plus sharpened and enthusiastic music selections throughout from...

A few brilliant selectors will be filtering and shaping 30min sets throughout the day & eve, complementing the live performances with a wide variety of hard sought recordings and cherished sounds. Long-honed music collections will be refined for atmosphere…

Readsy, Ring Modulator, Petra Black, Proprio, Kubla Khan and Electric Ape will cram them in!

# | Ring Modulator; Spacious Mutant Atmospherics | Digi
# | Readsy; Beat-Funk & Swung-Riddims | Vinyl
# | Proprio; Outer Rhythms & Inter Grooves | Vinyl
# | Petra Black; Italo-Synth & Kitsch-Disco | Digi
# | Kubla Khan; Exotic Experiments & Dubbed Beats | Vinyl
# | Electric Ape; Electronic Beatwork | Vinyl

There’ll also be Vegan food available in the afternoon / early eve - Oriental Vegan Buffet - and craft ale’s from Firebird, Gun, Three Legs and Bedlam breweries; all Vegan too.

Plus popcorn later in the evening!! Innov8radio will be in the house recording all day as well.

We’ll be there from 2pm, starting things with a few Dub and Reggae Rhythms from Kubla Khan, quite possibly out in the garden!

See you there… Promises to be a great day and evening!

| £PayWhatYouLike on the door |

| Oriental Vegan Food and Drink available on the day |

| Studio quality Yamaha soundsystem with sub will complement the in-house system, all tuned for listening pleasure |

| The event will be broadcast live on Innov8radio |