Last month's triumphant celebration of the latest Euphony In Electronics instalment (and our fourth birthday) was captured & broadcast live over on Innov8radio as part of the Filtered Listening radioshow.

Here you're treated to the opening 4 DJ selections, a fantastic quartet of sets that begun the day's proceedings in Brighton on April 9th.

Massive thanks to the DJ's and artists involved, it really was an amazing day of live & selected music... We'll be uploading sets from the event, here's part 1:

2-2.30pm } Kubla Khan x 1/4

2.30-3pm } Readsy x 1/4

3-3.30pm } Ring Modulator x 1/4

4-4.30pm } Proprio x 1/4

Recorded from 2pm at the launch of E.I.E.1.2 release / Kin-Aesthetic Recordings 4th birthday, here's the brilliant first 4 sets of the day, leading with dubbed out vibes and reggae rhythms into spaced electronics and outernational atmospheres. Four super selections at 30ish mins each plus an excerpt of Kubla Khan's ambient sparse folk performance on acoustic guitar:

> Kubla Khan brings his dub and reggae expertise with a 7"s only set

> Readsy edges things up with dubbed bleeps and bouncing vibes

> Ring Modulator shifts towards spacedubs and electro atmospheres

> Proprio spreads outwards with outernational ambience and hypno-grooves