Filtered Listening Live! Part Two:

Second batch of DJ sets recorded at last month's celebrations in Brighton. Four fine selections taking it through dusk into evening with synth soul, groove electronics, brooding beatwork and international rhythms...

Thanks again to all the DJ's, performers and contributors on the day who put so much time, energy and effort into heating up the atmosphere... Approximate early evening timings:

5-5.30pm } Petra Black x 1/4

5.30-6pm } Readsy x 1/4

6.30-7pm } Ring Modulator x 1/4

7.30-8pm } Proprio x 1/4



> Petra Black taking things up with smart synth-pop, electrified soul and bubbling electro basslines.

> Readsy manipulates a tightly wound vinyl set of brooding beatwork, funk breaks & a trip-hop nod.

> Ring Modulator intro'ing the eve's live electronics with a handful of spacious thumpers.

> Proprio bringing it round to percussive rhythms and international warmth.

Thanks to Innov8 for broadcasting the entire event on the day, catch our monthly Filtered Listening show over on Innov8 and all previous shows over on our Mixcloud. Look out for the final batch of DJ sets from last month, coming soon.