Filtered Listening VIII: 19/03/17

on Innov8 Radio w/ Ring Modulator & Kin;Aesthetic

It's the usual wild roaming international selection, from the eccentric exotics of Lata Mangeshkar & Mehendra Kapoor as produced by Kalyanji Anandji, to Johnny Keating's triumphant Four Beats to the Casbah (as discovered via Trunk's inspired Britxotica comp).

A pair of bumpy House remixes care of Pepe Bradock, mysterious Kraftwerked bootleggary, Hungarian Synthprog magic with Spectrum computers, Donald Byrd getting very funky and Ryuichi Sakamoto's tight prog'd electro havoc.

Electric Ape hangs out and throws on some richter-registering Super_Colider, there's another track from E.I.E.1.2. and things get a bit loose with a closing run of easy grooves and library funk; several John Barry overlaps and RM bringing the enticingly sleazy library funk of Brian Bennett's Name of the Game; a 'tense masculine underscore' as flash described by KPM!

1. Lata Mangeshkar & M. Kaboom - Gentlemen Gentlemen [1970, Colombia] {K;A}
2. Johnny Keating & his Z Men - Four Beats to the Casbah [1962, Picadilly] {K;A}
3. Burnt Friedman - 1993 Day In Rho (2016, Latency Recordings] {RM}
4. Nu - Man to O (Bradock Dub) [2017, Crosstown Rebels] {RM}
5. Iz & Diz - Mouth (Brad Peep's Remix for friends) [2002, Classic] {K;A}
6. Gwen Guthrie - I Still Want You [1986, Polygram] {K;A}
7. Cabaret Voltaire - Minute by Minute [1990, Parlophone] {RM}
8. Peter Kruder - Orchestral [2014, International DJ Gigolo] {RM}
9. Cabbageboy - Vended Food [1999, Ninja Tone / NTone / Ninja Tune] {K;A}
10. DJ Shadow - Long Stem [1996, Mo Wax] {K;A}
11. Unknown - Dark Side of the Autobahn [2002, White] {RM}
12. Belbury Poly & Moon Wiring Club - The Music Room [2017, Ghostbox] {RM}
13. The Style Council - Long Hot Summer [1983, EMI] {K;A}
14. Soft Hair - Alive Without Medicine [2016, Weird World] {K;A}
15. Donald Byrd - Thank U For Funking Up My life [1978, Elektra] {RM}
16. Hercules & Love Affair - Controller [Mike Simonetti Remix) (2017, Mr. INTL] {RM}
17. PR Computer - Androméda [1983, Start] {K;A}
18. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot in Lagos [1980, Alfa] {RM}
19. Alphabets Heaven - Amin [Proprio's High Humidity Remix) (2017, Kin-Aesthetic Recordings] {K;A}
20. Super_Colider - It Won't Be Long [1999, Loaded] {EA}
21. Pastacas - Aelouvi Oues [2002, Kohvi] {K;A}
22. Super Diamono de Dakar - Lou Bax [1987, Encore] {K;A}
23. Brian Bennett - Name of the Game [1976, KPM] {RM}
24. Chris Carter & Pierre Du Plan - Trump (?) [2002, Secret Agent] {RM}
25. John Barry - [The Girl with the Sun in her Hair [1971, CBS] {K;A}
26. Byron Lee & the Dragonaires - Goldfinger [2015 Re-Issue, VP / North Parade] {K;A}
27. Jimmy Smith - The Ape Women [1963, Verve] {RM}
28. Sherwood & Pinch - Merry Christmas Mr Laurence [2017, On U] {RM}


A bit later than usual this month with this upload, mainly due to the mayhem of the recent Kin-Aesthetic Recordings release! Some Filtered Listening Live recordings from April 9th and the Euphony In Electronics / 1.2 launch / Birthday at Cowley Club in Brighton will follow soon too, as broadcast by Innov8radio.

Plus we'll be back in May for another show... big thanks to all who listen in live and as always to Innov8 for hosting and welcoming! All previous shows available for streaming over on our Mixcloud.