Branner Griswell - Versus



a side

1. Oh Jonny (The Branner Griswell Theme)

2. The Reanimator

3. Alice Walks Outside

4. Wei Tu Lin and Lily Li Dissolve in the Park

5. Mongoose Queen

6. Red Tracer Letdown



Versus creeps from Beat Exotica and Crawling Bass-funk, to Razored Electronics, Ambient Soundscaping and Half-Exhumed Noise.

B-movie soundtracking, grotty rhythms, unsettling ambience and ominous atmospherics; welcome to the electronic beat-wielding chiller, Branner Griswell.

'Verses 100 Series' by Tree Abraham.

Cover image by: Chris Sciacca, Battle 2015.

Each cassette is unique, individually numbered, and includes individual artwork insert by Tree Abraham and digital download on WAV, FLAC, MP3, etc.

b side

7. Clairvius Narcisse

8. Banoi Island Rendezvous

9. Preacher's Touch

10. Agent Irons

11. Li Grand Zombi

12. Idiot Son

13. End of Days


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