First Impression EP

The first release on Kin-Aesthetic Recordings, the First Impression E.P. came from label founder Kin;Aesthetic, introducing 4 distinct yet familial tracks, replete with DIY assembled beatwork, nagging arpeggiations and a hint of slightly awkward electronic pop...


1. Internal Mechanisms 05:59

2. Swathes 04:06

3. Hyper-Ventilate 04:59

4. Clutch Control 03:48


Released: 08 April 2013.

1&2 Mastered by Kev at Berry Street Studio, London.                

3&4 Mastered by Kin;Aesthetic at The Scaffold, Brighton.

Beginning with the heart-beaten distant rumble of Internal Mechanisms, the pulsing groove and transfixing melody grow alongside electrical bleeps, whirs and pops, before jumpstarting to life with a cascade of machine-like synth sparks.

The rising tidal unease of Swathes follows; looming layers of sinister synth pull you beneath the claustrophobic haze, broken only by a disorientated pattern of calming thumps, lighthouse ticks and distress flare snares.

On the flip, we're confronted by the heavily arpeggiated hip-hop urgency of Hyper-Ventilate, a breathing, heaving groove that expands from slight anxiety to full-blown emergency. Rolling drums and warping percussion join forces with increasingly intense poly-arpeggiations, building and fusing to a steamrolling head.

Finally, we explode into the closing quarter with the brightly-lit, jagged compute-pop of Clutch Control. Brittle synth-lines tussle to solicit the clapped-out RnB groove, searing through the clatter with climbing euphoria before collapsing with nowhere left to go.

Produced by Stephen Jarvis between 2004-2013.