Kin;Aesthetic + Scaramanga Silk

Dark Energy EP

Our third release presents Dark Energy, a split effort of excitable electronics from the ephemeral London producer Scaramanga Silk, alongside label curator Kin;Aesthetic.

Producing an original track each as well as a reciprocal remix of the others, with four tracks in total, the Dark Energy EP explores Sci-Fi futurism taking in aspects of Techno, Electro, 2-Step and Bass.

1. Kin;Aesthetic - Killer Joule 04:35

Kin;Aesthetic opens the ‘Dark Energy’ EP with the spring-loaded Killer Joule, a rough-edged, calorific floor shaker.

The endlessly jittery, Franco-filtered, hyperactive homage is propelled with a raucous energy and naïve electro-pop vigour. Drawing on ‘Homework’ era Daft Punk as a key influence, this little rocket aims to revisit the classic French sound with renewed spark.

2. Kin;Aesthetic - Killer Joule (Scaramanga Silk's Remix from the Three City Triangle) 03:20

Scaramanga Silk's take of Killer Joule is a considered re-imagining that expands his previous outings. The result is a deconstructed, techno-checking re-take.

Arresting the original and re-engineering with industrially refined mechanised beats, Silk builds his own motoring warehouse thriller. Metal-worked rhythms and grinding bass rub against moody growls and
harp-like sparkles, all conspicuously gathered somewhere between London, Detroit and Berlin.

This techno-fusion culminates in a Tronik House meets Teebs encounter, where rave bass joins glittering melodica.

3. Scaramanga Silk - Odyssey of the Burnt Out Star 04:26

Scaramanga Silk's own offering is a glassy, cold-fission, synth-strung hybrid.

Odyssey Of The Burnt Out Star unfolds with impending menace, 2-stepping beats fidget and cut through ominous glacial synth layers, ghostly gas pocket swells and deep-set bassline eruptions.

If Burial and Com Truise remixed the Bladerunner soundtrack, it might just sound like this....

4. Scaramanga Silk - Odyssey of the Burnt Out Star (Kin;Aesthetic's Neutron Star Remix) 07:24

Kin;Aesthetic's reciprocal remix takes a soaring new trajectory, burning and transforming with energetic bursts, it turns the
original elements towards an epic fusion, embracing the 2-step essence and morphing into a shifting, shimmering, shuffling,
heat-treated blaze, all fuelled by the Odyssey Of The Burnt Out Star.

A colossal reworking which hints at classic Detroit records (in the vein of Carl Craig and Underground Resistance), but with a fresh rhythmic take that launches it into 2014 and beyond.

Produced by Kin;Aesthetic & Scaramanga Silk respectively.

Tracks 2, 3 & 4 mastered by Kev at Berry St. Studio, London.

BBC radio 6music

The EP picked up airplay on BBC6 music from Nemone, with Scaramanga Silk's remix getting a spin on her Electric Ladyland show.