Filtered Listening Live! Part Three:

The third and final batch of 4x 30min DJ sets from April's celebration, a suitably upbeat finale, closing the evening with energy filled D&B/Jungle, modulating synth-pop, coldwave electro and house & techno...

On the night...

8-8.30pm } Readsy x 1/4

9-9.30pm } Petra Black x 1/4

10-10.30pm } Kubla Khan x 1/4

10.30-11pm } Electric Ape x 1/4


> Readsy's heated third set, hismuch discussed Dn'B/Jungle set, with accompanying dance moves.
> A second electro-bouncing, soaring set from Petra Black, 30mins of synth-pop/pulse-setting 4/4 beats.
> Cooling things for the penultimate set, Kubla Khan brings out a breaking cold electro set.
> Recovered from his live modular workout, Electric Ape closes the night with classic house grooves & mid-fried electronics.

A final massive thankyou to everyone involved on the day and the E.I.E release... couldn't have happened without so much effort and enthusiasm from all! Check out the previous two batches of fine DJ sets above as broadcast on the day via Innov8 Radio!