zillagramwiches (all lowercase or all uppercase, if you please) brings his special electronic beatscapes to Kin-Aesthetic Recordings, here's a few words we've been sharing about lifebits, the first part of the bursting double-feature cassette!

Artist: zillagramwiches
Release: lifebits
Date: 8/12/2017
Kin no.: KIN-008-z1

Kin-Aesthetic Recordings enthusiastically presents the leaping imagination of Brighton producer, zillagramwiches. Mesmerising and absorbing with his poly-resolution sound, loaded with synthesised textures, morphing beat electronics and fleeting virtual vaporwave realities; his is a world to get lost in.

Introducing zillagramwiches' vivid productions, spread across two albums and all packed onto a special double-feature cassette alongside handpicked remixes - due for physical and digital release on Dec 8th 2017 & launching at Brighton's Rarekind Records on Dec 2nd.

Here we begin the sequence with the first of three promotional parts. Initiating the program with lifebits; a neo- collection of 15 tracks encoded with phased-out atmospheres, anaesthetised beat cycles, drowsy electronics, and hyper-strumentals, featuring heated collaborations w/ DrowzyBeats, crooked crossed and Longhomr.


Whirring through the volley of heart-beating electronic vignettes, taking in the joyous refrains and shimmering synth lines of present; glimpsing the mournful miniature drama that is kingofsorrow and passing through the clean-ringing otherwhere atmosphere of CityRoa.

LUCK takes hold with a tight-wound, robo-faxing galactic groove, while an unnerving turn heads toward the doom-laden, unyielding gnarly sludge of globule of disgrace/robofuneral and the scratch-flled, slo-mo alien dub of juhjuhjuhjuh before ending with the gibber synth-funk of mute, a gloriously off-leaning closer.

Loose comparisons might be drawn with Boards of Canada, J Dilla, Lanark Artefax, Com Truise, Prefuse 73, Madlib, Four Tet or Dabrye . . .

. . . but much like his hard-to-forget alias, zillagramwiches brings a fascinating, processed, outer sound all of his own.