Welcoming the imaginative Brighton beatmaker to Kin-Aesthetic Recordings, zillagramwiches mesmerises and absorbs with his poly-resolution sound, loaded with synthesised textures, morphing beat electronics and fleeting virtual vaporwave realities; his is a world to get lost in.

What or who inspired you to start making music?

Video-games of all sorts, Acrnym - Flowers, Groundislava - Book of Tech EP,  crooked crossed.


Can you say a little about an artist or two that have influenced your music, but in an implicit random or surprising way, that might not be immediately obvious through listening to your music?

LIL UGLY MANE definitely inspires me a great deal, he has a way with words and production that makes me feel both alien and human. I have a similar feeling towards Why? and cLOUDDEAD albums. I also used to listen to a lot of metal, and Architects albums Nightmares and Ruin both had a huge influence on my early music making.


Can you name a couple of albums that you’ve particularly enjoyed recently?

Bedwetter - Volume 1: Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth and Describe The Present 
Jameszoo - Flake EP
Lanark Artefax - Whities 011
All made my brain explode multiple times upon first listen and up to most recent listen.


Can you give us a clue as to what else you’re working on at the moment?

I am currently in a transitional period. Sorting out multiple life-bits has been taking up a lot of what used to be my production time. Though now most of it is coming together, I feel like I need to re-embrace my inner idiot and continue my audible quest into the depths of my own mind to find out what I think sounds cool.


Can you name a record label that's been catching your attention?

I don't closely follow many labels, but recently I've been checking out Ancient Robot. They released a really cool album called Out of Sides by Gonima. Really awesome stuff. There are loads of others but I mostly rely on artists, forums and friends recommendations to get the juicy new stuff.


Anything else to add or recommend…?

I recommend CULP, Contact Lens, Plaid, Arca, Ametsub and Nautilis if you havnt heard them already.









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