Filtered Listening XI: 23/07/17

on Innov8 Radio w/ Stephen Kin;Aesthetic

Back recording in Brighton with a solo selection for July, pulling together a fairly random stack of records for an as-it-comes mix, purposefully dotted with a few choice discoveries, finds and digs from this year so far including, Black Flower' glorious Artifacts LP, Auntie Flo's heavy outta 12" on Sofrito, Mike Oldfield re-purposed beautifully by Tubular Brass and the intense pre-revolution Iranian folk atmos-poetics of Morteza Hannaneh courtesy of a remarkable lost release via Collapsing Market.

Vinyl and cassettes only, with warm wax crackles from the likes of Peter Broderick's indispensable Float LP, the Antartica OST by Vangelis and an eerie papal recording, merging with the unadulterated cassette sound of Gript Tight, while Elsa Hewitt beckons the sea-hazed easy exotica of Eden Ahbez. Plus overlapping wax / tape pressure out of Brighton with a moment from Bernholz's striking Consequences cassette from a couple of years back on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and avant jazz-electronic explorations from Noteherder & McCloud's recent 7" release, via the ever-intriguing local institution, Spirit of Gravity.

The layout in full...

1. Black Flower - Artifacts [2017, Zephyrs / SDBan]
2. The Sunshot Band - Oversize Dub [2016 Re, Pressure Sounds]
3. Antibalas - Him Belly No Go Sweet [2012, Daptone]
4. Auntie Flo - Rainfall on Red Earth [2017, Sofrito]
5. Elsa Hewitt - Snow White Lily [2017, EH / Self Released]
6. Midori Takada - Trompe-l’œil [2017 Re, WRWTFWW]
7. Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light [1975, Elektra / Asylum]
8. Grip Tight - Love’s Gone [2016, Musclemilk]
9. Pope John XXIII excerpt [1963, Philips]
10. Tubular Brass - Introduction [2017, Static Caravan]
11. Vangelis - Life of Antartica [1983, Polydor]
12. AFX - Crying in your Face [2005, Rephlex]
13. Paul McCartney - Darkroom [1980, MPL / EMI]
14. UB40 - Folitician [1982, Dep International]
15. Ella Fitzgerald - Cry Me A River [1966, MfP / EMI]
16. Noteherder & McCloud - (Jammed in the Shingle Middle), It Comes Right at the End [2017, Spirit of Gravity]
17. Bernholz - 43 / 21? [2015, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray]
18. Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home a Heartache [1976, Polydor]
19. Labelle - Space Children [1974, Epic]
20. Moomin - Unshaped [2016, Smallville]
21. Elsa Hewitt - Catvision [2017, EH / Self Released]
22. Eden Ahbez - Surf Rider [2014, Hills of Hollywood]
23. Morteza Hannaneh - ? [2017, Collapsing Market]
24. Peter Broderick - Stopping on the Broadway Bridge [2008, Type]


Behold! A trapezoid photographic playlist... Paul's watching you.

Massive thanks to Innov8 as always for supporting and broadcasting the show... Look out for other regular broadcasts and uploads from Innov8 Radio throughout the month, and in particular excited to hear both Ring Modulator and Damian Evans are presenting their own regular shows on Innov8 Radio... Ridiculous knowledge between those two, highly recommended!

And more Filtered Listening from us next month... In the meantime, also thoroughly recommended; that wonderful interview (well, sorta lovely chat) I referenced in the show... Over at Richard D. James speaks to Tatsuya Takahashi.