Filtered Listening X: 18/06/17

on Innov8 Radio w/ Electric Ape & Kubla Khan

Simon Electric Ape & Ben Kubla Khan take over for the 1st anniversary of the Filtered Listening show, and what a glowing selection they regale us with, back to back all-vinyl riffing, duelling off the cuff as always.

Opening with the beyond glorious cosmo funk of Macho City and bursting into the notorious Leather Nun' NSFW sleaze-punk groove... From there in it's all ebbs and flows; through easy funk, past disco and icey electronics and defrosting towards cyclic rhythms and refined techno territory.

Much advocated highlights from Ape & Khan respectively include a pair of exploratory outernational tracks, with Simon's inclusion of Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers' spectacular Boat Woman Song and Ben dropping Hyperspace Is No Place, a typically absorbing hypno-rhythm from Don't DJ's recent 12" on Japan's Em - plus a taste of their shared passion for the Objekt 12"s.

  1.  Steve Miller Band - Macho City [1981, Mercury] {EA}
  2.  The Leather Nun - F.F.A. [1983, Subterranean] *STRONG LANGUAGE* {KK}
  3.  Jeaniee Hoffman - Sing Hallelujah [1964 , Capitol] {KK}
  4.  Lalo Schiffren - Quiet Village [1976, CTI] {EA}
  5.  James Last - I Can't Move No Mountains [1975, Polydor] {EA}
  6.  Baden Powell - Baixo de Pau [1961, Philips] {KK}
  7.  Fatnotronic - Super Sexy [2017, Hello Sailor] {KK}
  8.  Sothy - Lam Seung Bang Fai (Shelter's Edit) [2017, Akuphone] {EA}
  9.  Canaxis - Boat Woman Song [1982, Spoon] {EA}
  10.  Kraftwerk - Kling Klang [1972, Vertigo] {KK}
  11.  Thomas Leer - Tight As A Drum [2016 Re, Akuphone] {KK}
  12.  Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight [1979, Fantasy] {EA}
  13.  Hall & Oates - I Cant Go For That [1981, RCA] {EA}
  14.  Oneness of Juju - Everyway But Loose [1981, Buddah] {KK}
  15.  Klaus Weiss - Survivor [EMI, 1978] {KK}
  16.  Muziq - Taikon [2013, Planet Mu] {EA}
  17.  Edgar Froese - Snake Bath (Kamikazze OST) [1989, Virgin] {EA}
  18.  Henrich Mueller - Halo [2014, Titans Halo] {KK}
  19.  Joy Orbison - Fuerza [2016, Hinge Finger] {KK}
  20.  Objekt - Objekt #4 [2017, Objekt] {EA}
  21.  Rhythim Is Rhythim - Icon (Vince Watson Remixed & Reconstructed) [2017, Transmat] {EA}
  22.  Alleged Witches - Witches' Mark [2017, Meda Fury] {KK}
  23.  Don't DJ - Hyperspace Is No Place (Evolve Version) [2017, Em Music] {KK}
  24.  Shackleton - In Norwegen Ganz Verwegen [2015, Woe To The Septic Heart] {EA}
  25.  Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani - A New Day [2016, Rvng Intl.] {EA}


Thanks to Ben & Si for marking the first anniversary of the Filtered Listening shows with a cracking selection... And big thanks to Innov8 for broadcasting the first 10. You can check out all 9 of the previous shows right over HERE.

More next month...