Scaramanga Silk

A seasoned producer cloaked behind layers, Silk's electronic atmospheres aren't so coy, shifting from hammered beatwork and jackin' rhythms to ambient textures and melodic manipulations, his synthesised sound is distinctly upstanding. We wanted to get some solid background laid down, so we asked him a few questions.


What or who inspired you to start making music?

Making music was not really a conscious choice as it was always in my life since birth. However, there was a child prodigy in my class at school called Charly who first got me into the studio. It was actually really hard to go to the studio at that age as my parents wanted me to focus on proper subjects likes maths and Latin. Eventually though, once they saw how keen and talented I was, they did let me visit the studio but I would always have to get permission. Luckily I was always reminded to do so because Charly would say 'Always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere' - so I did. I think I owe my musical career to Charly. Being around such a prodigy really took my brain to another dimension. I'm glad that I payed close attention. I really learned so much from him.


Can you say a little about an artist or two that have influenced your music, but in an implicit random or surprising way, that might not be immediately obvious through listening to your music?

There have been many teachers in my musical buildings. In the shed we have Paul Johnson, DJ Funk, DJ Sneak, DJ Rush, Waxmaster, Hyperactive, Jammin Gerald, Bryan Wilson, George Clinton, Lil Louis, Ashley Beadle, Neil Landstruum, Kenny Dope, DJ Hell, Louie Vega and K. Alexi. There are other teachers in other locations too. Dr. Dre is in the house yeah, Armando in the house, Gemini is in the house and Jeff Mills is in the house. In the garage we have some legends such as DJ Deeon, DJ Milton, DJ Slugo and DJs on the low. Some of my favourites in the greenhouse are Green Velvet, Joey Beltram, DJ ESP, Roy Davis, Boo Williams, DJ Tonka, DJ Skull and DJ Pierre. Before I forget, there is also Mike Dearborn in the house yeah, Todd Edwards in the house, Romanthony in the house, and CVO in the house. Even my treehouse brought me Luke Slater, Derrick Carter, Robert Hood and Paris Mitchell. Last but certainly by no means least Dave Clarke si ni eht esuoh, Van Helden in the house, Armani in the house and Surgeon in the house yeah.


Can you name a couple of albums that you’ve particularly enjoyed recently?

Hard to name that many that I enjoy but 'Inside Out' is a favourite. Sometimes I alternate between that and 'Full On .. Mask Hysteria'.


Can you give us a clue as to what else you’re working on at the moment?

Time is pretty scarce as I am super busy and times are tough. I have had to take a day job working for the man. My day starts when I tumble out of bed and I stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life. Then I jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping. Out on the street the traffic starts jumping. The folks like me on the job from nine to five.
Working nine to five, what a way to make a living! Barely getting by, it's all taking and no giving. They just use your mind and they never give you credit. It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it! Nine to five, for service and devotion you would think that I would deserve a fat promotion.

I want to move ahead but the boss won't seem to let me. I swear sometimes that man is out to get me! They let you dream, just to watch them shatter. You're just a step on the boss man's ladder. But you got dreams he'll never take away. You're in the same boat with a lot of your friends.

Waiting for the day your ship will come in and the tide is going to turn and it's all going to roll your way. They have got you where they want you. There is a better life and you think about it, don't you? It's a rich man's game no matter what they call it. And you spend your life putting money in his wallet!
So, when I am not doing that, I just try to get in the studio to work on remixes.


Can you name a record label that's been catching your attention?

I actually try not to get dragged into following record labels as I find it can create a collector mindset rather than keeping a focus on just the music. Labels can turn into a production house that just churn out a generic style. I am more interested in the formation of a sound and how it is then reinforced. Also, I have noticed that music that was geographically created in a suburban base gets my attention as do big sounding tracks. If you could measure songs by size then I would say that I like anything in an XL.


City light imagery taken from Scaramanga Silk's recent LP on  Micro Sprial Recordings .

City light imagery taken from Scaramanga Silk's recent LP on Micro Sprial Recordings.



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