A sonic set-up mastermind with a studio crammed full of hardware and software, Lucien aka Atomico, teases with Forever, a rich, enlongated synthscape punctured by crisp broken beatwork and a positively edible liquid-funk bass line.



What or who inspired you to start making music?

My parents as they are both musicians - When young I starting out playing fretless bass in a punk band called "general dynamics", this sparked the musicianship and recording hunger.

Can you say a little about an artist or two that have influenced your music, but in an implicit random or surprising way, that might not be immediately obvious through listening to your music?

Too much great music to mention from jazz to slow rock / black metal to electronic to pure (pink noise). One of my favourite jazzrock bands is called "Brand X" , british style raw jazzrock for example the track "nightmare patrol" (livestock version).
Slow rock all time favourites are The Melvins. The veteran masters of all slow rock / metal styles combined.  (tip: play loud and you don't need a coffee to wake up :) try for example album "Hostile ambient takeover"
Last but not least I must also mention Prefab Sprout the album "Steve Mcqueen". Superb sounds and lyrics / productions.

Can you name a couple of albums that you’ve particularly enjoyed recently?

  • Mouse on Mars - Wow
  • Datasette - Offal
  • Martin bell with his playlist on soundcloud called Super 33
  • The Brothers Nylon - The Brothers Nylon

Can you give us a clue as to what else you’re working on at the moment?

An album mix for a metal band called "1.000.000 Down", a music collaboration with an artist called "Triple C" and working on own new material.


Can you name a record label that's been catching your attention?

The label called Broken Bubble. The music is what it says on the tin "post-dubstep, future garage, dubfunk, hip-hop, ambient, jungle, IDM, and other difficult-to-classify sounds"


Obscured by sun and cables; Atomico on hardware-triggered visuals with Electric Ape behind the wires at the Brighton launch for Euphony In Electronics / 1.1 at Hare & Hounds.


Euphony in Electronics
1.2 (Remixes)

Various - Euphony in Electronics 1.1