A series designed to celebrate the integrity, serendipity, synchrony and on-the-fly transparency of improvised recording.



All pieces should ideally be recorded in one complete take, either to a single mono or stereo track in real-time, or bounced with minimal post-session editing.

Pieces should avoid overdubbing, be recorded in one complete take and should not be augmented after the single integral recording.

Beyond these ideals, contributors are encouraged to explore their own particular set-up* with a view to creating a piece in the spirit of the stated aim of the series...


"celebrating the integrity, serendipity, synchrony and on-the-fly transparency of improvised recording"



1. Midi may be utilised in the process but should not be pre-programmed
2. The on-the-fly aspect of the series aims that all elements should be manipulated live
3. As such, every element of the piece itself should be open to improvisation and ultimately be determined in real-time during the recording itself

Pieces may be mastered for quality of sound, dynamic balance and consistency of levels.


Transparencies was originally inspired by the unadulterated energy of live, unrehearsed 'studio' interactions and unfettered improvised jamming. Irregularly and casually held at various Brighton locations and studios since the late 00's, the informal jams have featured a host of players and contributors, a changeable, floating line-up including at one time or another, label cohorts, Nimbus, Proprio, Electric Ape, Kubla Khan, Ring Modulator, Alphabets Heaven, Kingsley Freedom and Aidan Maartens.


The sessions were always background recorded, objectively capturing flashes of the sublime and the ridiculous without bias or favour, documenting the off-the-cuff creative process, warts and all, and revealing moments of exciting synchrony, free collapse and unabridged disarray.

It was the honesty and integrity of these sessions and the process that gave way to Transparencies, but perhaps owes as much if not more to the likes of Matthew Herbert (in particular, his Manifesto of Mistakes), the creativity-through-limitation principles of Dogme 95, the live-only improvisations of The Bays and the free-spirited heart of jazz.