Sequential Music is the recent conceptual compilation from Micro Spiral, challenging various contributors to create music using a serial, sequential technique. Compiled by Klis and featuring tracks by Delta, Delicasession, The Unknown Stuntman, and our own Kin;Aesthetic amongst others...

It's still available to preview at Juno, Bleep and various other international online music emporiums or you can pick it up in-store at the musical stronghold that is Sounds Of The Universe, Soho.

More details about the compilation, artists and technique can be found at the Sequential music website here:


1. Delta – ‘What’
2. Delicasession – ‘Never Again’
3. Kin;Aesthetic – ‘Seqret Sequence’ [Alpha Version]
4. The Unknown Stuntman feat. Clemency Jones – ‘I’m Leavin’ (Sea Quenchin’ Blues)’
5. Delicasession – ‘Particle 4’
6. Klis – ‘Wubwub’
7. Freethos – ‘Get Radikal’ [Sliced‐N‐Diced Dub]
8. Klis – ‘Blipper’
9. Glass Ark Maniac – ‘Helium Baboon’
10. Scaling As Karma – ‘Igor’s Jelly Castle’