Artist: zillagramwiches

Title: IDIOT

Label: Kin-Aesthetic Recordings (kin-008-z2)

Format: 50 light / 50 dark,

crafted cassette boxes at:

Rough Trade / Transmission / Rarekind / Bear Tree / bandcamp


- - -


Drift in, to the sleep-deprived, synthesised hypnosis of zillagramwiches' IDIOT.


A vanishing, transportive 43mins of soft-warping electronics,

beat vapourisations, ascii-glitches

and end-of-days, hip-hop disconnections...

17 trax shift and melt into the late-night ether.


Like a secret level,

a hidden layer you didn't realise you needed to visit.


But you do.


Get lost in IDIOT.


A synth-psych screensaver, laced with half-memories

and etched with sleeeplesssnesss.





Released alongside lifebits and accompanied by remixes from

crooked crossed, Branner Griswell, mariolenard,

Proprio, Atomico & Elsa Hewitt.


Available together on limited 95min crafted cassette boxes and as 3 separate digital releases.