Filtered Listening XVII: 28/01/18

on Innov8 Radio

w/ Kubla Khan & Stephen Kin;Aesthetic

Welcome all, to the first Filtered Listening show of the year, and no.17 captures the usual restless, insatiable variety we thrive on.

The vinyl heavy selection moves through dub progressions, post-punk, synth-ambience, electro-pop and country folk, while flashing up music from South Africa, France, Serbia, Norway, Iran, Jamaica, Turkey, Germany and Lebanon.

Enjoying the recent ultra-sleek scandi bubble-funk of Hubbabubbaklub and seducing electronics of Dita Von Tease, Mind Gamers and Sebastian Tellier, coming on like a chanteuse-led sequel to his Sexuality LP, then going deeper elsewhere with post-dub-tronics from Brendon Moeller and shifting cold synth rhythms from the mysterious, Westend.

Sympathtic pairings for Isaacs and Shaka, Dolly and Jeannie, Filmon and Şenay, plus a waft of scented ambient exotiscism from Brighton's blooming King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band and not to mention, brilliant moments from two towering influencers sadly passed; Mark E. Smith and Hugh Masekela.

1. The Fall - Midnight in Aspen [2005, Slogan] {K;A}
2. Japan - Aint That Peculiar [1980, Virgin] {K;A}
3. Ciccone Youth - Making the Nature Scene [1987, Blast First] {KK}
4. Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1 - Lamuka (1983, Crammed Discs] {KK}
5. Hugh Masekela - The Boy’s Doin It [1975, Casablanca] {K;A}
6. Gregory Issacs - Crofs [1978, CSA] {K;A}
7. Jah Shaka - Promise Dub [1992, Jah Shaka / Greensleeves] {KK}
8. Brendon Moeller - Merry Go Round [2006, Earsugar] {KK}
9. Westend - Untitiled [2017, General Elektro] {K;A}
10. Bladerunner 2049 OST - Wallace [2017, Epic] {K;A}
11. Jah Wobble - Blow Out (Instrumental) [1985, Lago] {KK}
12. The Fall - The Mixer [1991, Cos Sinister] {KK}
13. Arthur Russell - Keeping Up [2013 re, Arc Light Editions] {K;A}
14. Allred & Broderick - The Wise One [2017, Erased Tapes] {K;A}
15. Little Ann - Deep Shadows [2009 re, Timmion] {KK}
16. Dolly Parton - Don’t Let it Trouble your Mind [1968, RCA] {KK}
17. Jeannie C. Riley - The Cotton Patch [1971, SSS] {K;A}
17.5 Geoff Love & His Orchestra - Desafinado {background} {K;A}
18. Dita Von Teese - Rendez-Vous [2017, Record Makers] {K;A}
19. Jo Squillo Electrix - Avventurieri [1983, 20th Secret] {KK}
20. Data - Secanje Na Ljubav [2017 re, Discom] {KK}
21. Hudson Mohawke - Foxy Boxing [2017, Lucky Me] {K;A}
22. Paul Mauriat Plus - Power Jam Pt2. [1978, Power Exchange] {K;A}
23. Hubbabubbaklub - Eddie & Suzanne [2017, Snorkel] {KK}
24. Slade - Move Over [1972, Polydor] {KK}
25. Simin Ghanem - Abre Payizi [2011 re, Vampi Soul] {K;A}
26. Filmon Wahbi - Basita (Carefree) [1965, Voix De L’Orient] {K;A}
27. Şenay - Çirozname [1980, Türküola] {KK}
28. East Flat Bush Project - Tried by 12 [1996, Ninja Tune] {KK}
29. King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band - Into Swordfish Space (Forthcoming) [Unreleased] {K;A}
30. Eurythmics - Ministry of Love [1984, Virgin] {K;A}
31. Equiknoxx - Flagged Up (Mark Ernestus Remix) [2017, DDS] {KK}


Plenty more Filtered Listening to come this year and perhaps some new avenues too... Thanks to Innov8 for their continuing support during 2017...

Feb's show'll see zillagramwiches taking over the Filtered Listening airwaves, bringing cohorts crooked crossed and mariolenard for a beat-packed selection that you really wont want to miss. Shazam at the ready.