Filtered Listening XV: 19/11/17

on Innov8 Radio

w/ Ring Modulator & Stephen Kin;Aesthetic

This month's Filtered Listening brings recent obssessions from Ring Modulator's musical amassings, including recent tracks from Charlotte Gainsbourg and Belbury Circle, expert percussive production from Burnt Friedman & Mortazavi on the YEK project, and a shared mondegreen moment from Golden Teacher.

While Stephen Kin;Aesthetic rejoices in the heavy new Alphabets Heaven remix of Hot 8 Brass Band coming on Tru Thoughts, grand soundtracking moments from Jerry Goldsmith and Francis Lai, slick new graduations from the Paul.Institute with London pop-funk from Ruthven and of course, a whole round of the freshest zillagramwiches before the release arrives on December 8th.

Details as follows...

1. Hot 8 Brass Band - Can't Nobody Get Down  (Alphabets Heaven Remix) [2017, Tru Thoughts] {S;K}
2. ‎Heatwave - Goin' Crazy [1981, GTO] {S;K}
3. ‎Alec Mansion - Ou Est Tu [1982, WEA] {RM}
4. ‎Steve Cobby - Rick James Dwells In The Abyss [2017, Déclassé Recordings] {RM}
5. ‎Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene (Thin White Duke Remix) [2002, City Rockers] {S;K}
6. ‎Ruth - Polaröid / Roman / Photo [2010 Re, Angular] {S;K}
7. ‎Charlotte Gainsbourg - Im A Lie [2017, Because] {RM}
8. ‎The Belbury Circle - Heading Home (2017, Ghostbox] {RM}
9. ‎zillagramwiches - the relative pilgrim (crooked crossed 2070 remix [2017, Kin-Aesthetic Recordings] {S;K}
10. ‎Jerry Goldsmith - The Rec Room [1981, Warner] {S;K}
11. ‎Yello - Night Flanger [1979, Ralph] {RM}
12. ‎Burnt Friedman / Mortazani - YEK 128-12 [2017, Nonplace] {RM}
13. ‎Blackmoon 1348 - Obsession [2016, Hexx9] {S;K}
14. ‎zillagramwiches - thrifter / copingmechanics [2017, Kin-Aesthetic Recordings] {S;K}
15. ‎Equiknoxx - Flagged Up (Ernestus Remix) [2017, DDS] {RM}
16. ‎Cabaret Voltaire - Do Right [1984, Some Bizarre] {RM}
17. ‎Louis Chedid - Dansez [1983, CBS] {S;K}
18. ‎Francis Lai - Escapade [1978, MGM] {S;K}
19. ‎Golden Teacher - Love Rocket [2013, Soul Jazz] {RM}
20. ‎Chromatics - Glass Slipper [2017 Re, IDIB] {RM}
21. ‎Ruthven - Evil [2017, Paul.Institute] {S;K}
22. ‎Ilaiyaraaja - ? [1983, Echo] {S;K}
23. ‎Palais Schaumberg - Lupa [1982, Mercury] {RM}
24. ‎Yellow Magic Orchestra - Pure Jam [1981, Technodelic] {RM}
25. ‎zillagramwiches - CityRoa [2017, Kin-Aesthetic Recordings] {S;K}


Thanks to Innov8 radio for broadcast and support, and to Ring Modulator for supplying the fine sounding goods. You can check his own carefully constructed show on Innov8, every first Saturday of the month... If you can't catch the zillagramwiches launch in Brighton, then Ring Modulator will happily entertain you on the 2nd from 8pm!

Also, coming in December is the Filtered Listening Xmas special, plus a joyous amalgamation of shows on Monday 4th Dec at 8pm with Damian Evans inviting Stephen Kin;Aesthetic to see if Electricity Comes From Filtered Listening.