Filtered Listening V

Ring Modulator takes over Filtered Listening show No. 5 on Innov8 Radio, another 2 hours of high variety sees the seasoned Brighton selector rotate between his completist love for Factory Records and crucial German electricians, cutting the whole thing with a widescreen mix of raw, oiled and urgent electronics.

With signatures throughout, this is trademark Ring Modulator; informed, assorted and impressive. Amongst it all, expect to be treated to a classic Martin Rushent production, electro shades from Sheffields' sharp CPU imprint to Oizo's strobing sleaze, Foxx-era Ultravox to Düsseldorf's finest, plus a personal favourite since first hearing RM play it out, Andy Meecham's sublime Emperor Machine Remix of Oh My God.

  1. Dalek I - The World
  2. Mark Ronson & Lily Allen - Oh My God (Emperor Machine Vocal Mix)
  3. Blixaboy - Artic
  4. Kalima - Shine (Concrete Mix)
  5. Playgroup - MX Jam
  6. Arnaud Rebotini & David Carretta - PSG OM
  7. Emika - Let's Dance (Shoklee Emikaized Mix)
  8. Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways
  9. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius - Base and Apex
  10. Kratwerk - Les Mannequins
  11. Ultravox! - Quiet Men
  12. Rhythm and Sound - Troddin Version
  13. Peaches - Vaginaplasty (Planningtorock Vagina Rework)
  14. Michael Mayer & Miss Kitten - Voyage Interieur
  15. Cath Carroll - Moves Like You (Remix)
  16. Daddy Long Legs - The Club
  17. Patrick Cowley - 5oz of Funk
  18. Mr Oizo - Your Liver
  19. Leisure Process - Love Cascade (Dance Mix)
  20. Our Daughters Wedding - Airline
  21. La Dusseldorf - Geld
  22. Lonelady - Hinterland (Michigan Bump)
  23. Pyrolator - Myrtle & Knickerbocker
  24. Nonplace Urban Field - Nike Air
  25. Cath Carroll - Beast on the Streets (Remix)
  26. Loom (featuring Billy Mackenzie) - At The Edge of the World
Big thanks to Ring Modulator for a typically erudite selection.

Big thanks to Ring Modulator for a typically erudite selection.

An extended Filtered Listening next month via Innov8, a Christmas special (of sorts) 5pm - 9gmt on December 18th.

Mincepies and mulled wine optional.


Thanks as always to Innov8 Radio,

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